10 Must Have Etsy Wedding Decorations

The wedding season is in full swing and we are all excited for many upcoming celebrations! Undoubtedly, you are more than thrilled to have the most amazing wedding, an unforgettable day that will be etched forever in everyone’s memory. But in order to do that, one of the things you should really focus on is the visuals.

When looking for inspiration we always return to the one marketplace that can offer the largest variety of items – we are completely in love with the Etsy wedding items! There are so many things, honestly, it would be very difficult to choose just a few but luckily, we can narrow it down. Let’s see the list of the best bridal items on Etsy that are a must-have!

1.      Go with some colorful cards!

Right off the bat, we are going for some splash of color! If you are interested in adding some vividness to your wedding, the vibrant place settings are definitely the best option. We chose the cards as we think it is one of the best wedding ideas to incorporate into the most special day. Not only will they make a strong impact, but they will also set the tone for your fun celebration.

2.      A veil in the form of a bow!

One of the best Etsy wedding items you can find is the incredible bow veil! This is an item that we are not missing to include, and neither should you! It would incorporate such an elevated sense of style to the entire wedding look, and it is definitely a gem you can easily find on Etsy’s page.

3.      Neon signs, custom made!

Once you see the neon wedding signs on Etsy, you will not want anything else until a custom sign is in your hands! If you wish to incorporate it into your wedding, you will find many options that read “Mr. and Mrs.”, “Better Together”, etc, but feel free to let your imagination run wild! You can put whatever you want, the neon signs are an incredible addition and they can very easily accentuate your backdrop, set the mood, elevate the atmosphere and bring a fun tone into your celebration. You need to take into consideration that it might take a month or so to have it customized and shipped, so make sure to order it in time for your big day.

4.      Another custom item – wedding guest book!

We are sure that you would want to have a written memory of all the feelings that your guests had on your special day. That being said, the wedding guest book as an item is one of the best wedding ideas out there, and thankfully, Etsy is always at your fingers to assist in getting you the perfect one! The custom wedding guest book can include your own artwork, maybe your family’s, or even hiring a professional to do a simple illustration or sketch of the wedding venue, etc. Furthermore, you can embellish it with your engagement photos too!

5.      Vow books, another personalized item!

We have dug a bit deeper into the Etsy wedding items and the one gold item we have found are the amazing vow books! They can be prepared in various colors and sizes, making them the perfect addition to your wedding day. It is an idea that would not come up that easily in anyone’s mind, and this is exactly the reason why we are sharing it with you. Make your wedding more personal and add an intimate touch to it by getting these vow books.

6.      The cake topper of your dreams!

Whenever couples dream about their wedding day, they are focused on many details that when that day is right around the corner, they want to fulfill all of their wishes. Many love to embellish their wedding cake and personalize the whole experience with a cake topper. There are various ones, such as designs that have “Love forever”, other short quotes or monograms. Where can you find them? On the amazing Etsy site! Many creatives are able to create a custom cake topper in any color you like and have anything you desire written on it. We believe that your cake will look amazing either way, but the cake topper is a show stopper you should not miss!

7.      Wedding welcome sign!

Believe it or not, it is not as easy to produce or find a prepared wedding sign that would greet your guests and make them feel welcome, even before they enter the venue. So the Etsy site is once again here to provide you with a plethora of choices. They have an amazing array of products when it comes to signs, and there is even the possibility to make them personalized! It is a nice addition to a wonderful day and we believe this is definitely something you would want to add to your wedding too.

8.      Personalized wedding gifts!

Everything is not connected to the big day only, there are preparations before you get to that stage too! So a few days before, there would be bachelor and bachelorette parties, and there are wedding gifts to think about and prepare. This is why we are including another amazing idea from the myriad of Etsy wedding items – personalized wedding gifts! They come in various sizes and can be prepared with anything that comes to your mind, so this is why you should order some as gifts for your closest friends.

9.      Have you thought about a ceremony wine box?

The high-quality craftsmanship is embedded into this amazing ceremony wine box, and for those of you out there who want to make this happen, Etsy is the site where you can find the best offers!

10.  Rose gold poms!

Last but not least, this is one of the most incredible wedding ideas. The glitter and the bling of the tassels hung all around the wedding venue is something you might have not thought of, but you might not think about including. Of course, they don’t have to be rose gold – you can choose any color you like, just remember that they will make up for an excellent addition and give brilliance to the venue.

So, looking at this incredible list, you can easily see why the Etsy wedding items are amazing! They allow you to personalize the whole experience and curate a memorable event for you and your loved ones. Whether you are after some details that would be very subtle or a pop of color, you will be able to find many items tailored to your unique style! Need additional inspiration? Take a look at the weddings on our website and see all those wonderful love stories unfold seamlessly.