Five of The Best Wedding Trends 2023

So, you are looking into options on how to make your wedding day as unique as possible, but you are out of ideas. Thankfully, you have landed in the right place! Stick around and find out everything from pearls to all the shades of baby blue – here are some of the best wedding trends 2022 that you will fall in love with.

Wedding dresses in two or more pieces

Are you searching for something that keeps the elegance, but also adds some edgy flair? Then the two-piece wedding dress is what you need! One of the best wedding ideas for this year is surprising your significant other and the guests with breath-taking bridal separates – a top and a bottom will make a striking impression.

All the shades of baby blue are in!

A splash of light blues can turn your big day into a fairy tale. One of the best wedding ideas is incorporating blue tones into your theme – add a bit to your wedding cake, napkins, centerpieces, etc. The baby blue channels beautiful romantic charm and looks incredible in pictures.

Pearls and some more pearls

Let’s look at one of the wedding trends 2022 that has rightfully taken its place among the popular bridal choices. If you wish to add some pearls to your look, then this is the right time to do that! Whether you want to accessorize with pearls, include them on your veil, makeup, add them to your shoes, or even the wedding cake – the pearly options are endless!

Color – go bold and vibrant!

Once you have been through all shades of white, ivory and taken a look at the pastel colors that have been dominating the wedding scene for the past couple of years, it is time to turn to a new direction – and it is called bold colors! If you want to incorporate incredible colors but don’t know where to start, then one of these wedding tips is for you – add a bit of the bold color palette to details that embellish your decor (centerpieces, chairs, tablecloths, napkins, even the bridal bouquet).

Whatever happened to bows?

Bows never really left, and now they are stronger than ever! This is one of those wedding trends 2022 many brides love and adore. Depending on the size, it can either be a charming little detail or a statement piece that shows boldness and style. One of those wedding tips you need to have up your sleeve is this – if you truly want to incorporate bows to your outfit, but they just don’t fit, try adding some small bows to your veil or shoes, that should do just the trick!

Whatever you choose at the end of the day, we are more than certain you will make the best out of it and incorporate it into your big day beautifully! If you are looking for some more inspiration, we have some amazing inspo wedding trends 2022 for you on our site. Have a look at the weddings we have portrayed, and let yourself be inspired!