Janetta and Chris – A Lovely Wedding at the Black Butte Ranch

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Janetta & Chris
August 6, 2022

Black Butte Ranch
Bend, Oregon

Janetta and Chris celebrated their love in a wedding that was as unique as their love story. Their journey began online, a testament to the power of connection in the digital age. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, their bond grew stronger, their shared love for golf, tennis, racquetball, skiing, and biking bringing them closer together.

The wedding weekend started with a golf game with the groom. Friends and family joined the groom on the green, the friendly competition adding to the joyous atmosphere.

The wedding ceremony, held against the stunning backdrop of Black Butte Ranch, was a beautiful blend of personal touches and traditional elements. The Bride was even rocking a pair of cowboy boots. The couple exchanged vows under the open sky, their promises to each other echoing amidst the natural beauty of the ranch. After the ceremony, the guests were treated to an evening of dining, dancing, and celebrating the newlyweds.

Janetta and Chris’s wedding was a celebration of love, resilience, and shared passions. It was a day that perfectly encapsulated their journey together, a day that will be remembered and cherished by all who were lucky enough to be a part of it.

Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of Central Oregon, Black Butte Ranch offers an awe-inspiring wedding venue that effortlessly fuses natural splendor with refined elegance. The sprawling 1800-acre property is enveloped by the spectacular Cascade Mountain range and hosts a variety of stunning landscapes, from lush meadows and serene ponds to dense forests and vibrant gardens. With a selection of diverse and picturesque event spaces such as the Lakeside Lawn, Aspen Grove, and Lodge Deck, Black Butte Ranch provides couples with a veritable canvas to design their dream wedding, whether they envision an intimate woodland ceremony or a grand lakeside reception.

However, the appeal of Black Butte Ranch extends far beyond its breathtaking vistas. The venue takes immense pride in its commitment to personalized service, helping couples orchestrate a wedding that truly reflects their vision and style. The experienced and dedicated on-site event coordinators offer full-service planning, while the culinary team specializes in creating farm-to-table cuisine using locally-sourced ingredients. With an array of amenities, including luxury lodgings, a spa, and recreational activities like golf and horseback riding, Black Butte Ranch doesn’t just host weddings, it creates unforgettable experiences. For couples seeking a tranquil, naturally beautiful setting coupled with first-class service for their big day, Black Butte Ranch emerges as an unparalleled choice.

Venue and Catering: Black Butte Range
Photography and Videography: Wildwood Digital Media

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