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Our films allow you to relive your wedding day forever.
We serve the Seattle metro area, including the Puget Sound. The clip above is from a wedding on Whidbey Island. We are a top-rated Seattle wedding videographer.

Have the best day of your life and then share it with your grandchildren decades later.

Weddings are about transformation.

Our style is to tell how your love has transformed your life.

We incorporate letters, interviews, personal vows, and toasts into our films. We aim to capture the entire day so you won’t miss a moment.

Wedding Videography: Oregon, Washington, California

Limited Dates Available in 2024.

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What's new for 2024?

One.  We’re going all in on interviews!  Watch the three films above  to understand what we mean!  You might never have all of your friends and family together in the same place again: we want them to tell us something about your relationship and what you mean to them.   And not a boring “congratulations”, we know how to ask real questions.  This will be the one thing that will surprise you in your wedding film, because you won’t be there for the interviews!  Interviews do require two videographers and we include a separate film with all of the full length interviews.  The films above are from 2023.
Two.  We’re doubling down on real and authentic.  Our couples tell us they love that we don’t do very many “fakes” or too much posing.  We get to know you and blend in, you probably will forget we’re there.  Then you’re left with a film that doesn’t feel forced or pretentious: it feels like you!  
Three.  More lights, but powerful and out of the way.  To try and eliminate the annoyance of constant flash bulbs or noisy photos or videos, we’re investing a lot of money in professional studio lighting.  These lights are mounted high and are out of your way, but they make an enormous difference in the quality of your photos and videos for indoor or tent settings. 
Four.  Drone portraits and drone during your ceremony!  We now have three FAA 107 certified drone pilots and a new professional drone with zoom lenses!  Flying the drone during main events does require two videographers.  

Photo by Katy Weaver Photography

I’m J.D., the owner of Wildwood Wedding Films.

I personally filmed 41 weddings in 2022!

Proud father of Cava, Zatinya, and Jaleo. I’m originally from Pennsylvania and a proud graduate of Penn State! I spent almost seven years as a middle school teacher in the Bronx. When I’m not filming weddings, I’m probably rock climbing with my kids or running!

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