Three wedding dress trends for 2022 and 2023

Every year, we are excited to discover more about which trends are going to make a statement, and we are so glad that there is a major focus on dresses when it comes to 2022 and 2023! If you are looking for inspiration when choosing your wedding dress, we have prepared a blog with the top 3 trends you should definitely check out. Head over to our link in bio to read all about it!

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Diving into the fashion industry, the wedding dress trends have never been more active than this year! After two years of careful wedding planning, the trends this year are truly blooming, being welcomed by couples with open arms. However, some are more prominent than others, catching everyone’s eye and attention. That being said, today, we will discover which ones are the ones that seem promising to really steal the show.

If you are one of those people who have a soft side for romance, but still want to incorporate some edge into their wedding day styling, the following three options are the ones you should definitely take into consideration. Curious? Let’s dive in!

Puffed sleeves – an enchanting trend for the romantic bride!

When you are thinking about puff, there is always more to the story than just ball gown wedding dresses. Instead, the trends are shifting the limits of creativity away from the conventional. Think more of flowy and dreamy silhouettes, romantic allure, and puff sleeves that will wow your guests! Think big, and think sleeves! One of the most amazing wedding dress trends for 2022 and 2023 is definitely adding some incredible elements and undoubtedly, those are these remarkable sleeve designs! Just imagine how majestic the wedding dress would look with them, adding an additional romantic flair. Even if you are drawn to more simple dress designs, sheer puff sleeves will add the perfect amount of drama to make a statement.

Colored wedding dresses!

Classic white wedding gowns are always top tier when it comes to elegance. But, when you find yourself thinking about a wedding dress and white, champagne or beige seem like they are not the perfect color to go with, and you find your mind thinking in all colors, then just go for it! If you are on the more gentle side when talking about shades, the best thing is that there is a pastel tone of all colors, so you can even think of lavender, dusty blue, and pistachio as an option. Soft tones or bolder tones – whichever road you choose to take, remember that these wedding dress trends for 2023 are making a stronger statement through the years.

Slip dress as a top trend for the modern bride!

Saving the best for last! This one is not as casual as one would think. People tend to overlook the power of elegant simplicity, and yet, it is one of the biggest inspirations when it comes to the latest wedding dress trends! With the rise of contemporary styling, it is natural for a trend of this magnitude to find its way to this particular list! There is a sort of undermined elegance, edgy, and yet bohemian feel to wearing a slip wedding dress at your wedding. It is definitely not one of the newest trends but many would agree that it is by far one the best ones! Plus, a slip design gives you the freedom of accessorizing it in any way you want, be it a jacket or an incredible piece of jewelry. This is an option where you cannot go wrong.

Whatever you choose, you will end up having an incredible wedding gown! These wedding dress trends are on the rise and can very easily inspire you in choosing THE ONE! Need more inspo? Take a look at our wedding stories!

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