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It is a massive misconception that eloping can't be a fun and memorable day for the couple. To be honest, elopement gives you just enough freedom to have your dream union without traditional wedding expectations. How? It all starts with planning an iconic Pacific Northwest elopement. Here are some ideas on how you can turn your elopement in the Pacific Northwest into a fun day that you deserve!

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It is a massive misconception that eloping can’t be a fun and memorable day for the couple. To be honest, elopement gives you just enough freedom to have your dream union without traditional wedding expectations. How? It all starts with planning an iconic Pacific Northwest elopement. Here are some ideas on how you can turn your elopement in the Pacific Northwest into a fun day that you deserve!

Plan an All-Day Fun Elopement or a Multi-Day Adventure

You can infuse your elopement with fun and passion by planning a whole day or even an entire weekend of celebration. You don’t need to be limited to just your ceremony. In fact, you can plan what your heart desires and turn it into a mini-vacation you both so deserve!

Find The Best Places To Have a Pacific Northwest Elopement

There are too many places in the Pacific Northwest to say your “I do’s” – we wish we could list them all! With so many options available, let us ease the task. Here are some of the best places where you can have the perfect elopement:

Olympic National Park

If you want to elope with unlimited options of stunning views as a backdrop, we highly suggest choosing Olympic National Parl. It has some of the most lovely beaches, seashores, summits, rain forests, and natural springs. It’s easy to see how this park is one of the most popular locations for eloping as it offers a variety of experiences for you as a couple. Whether you seek a great adventure in the mountains or a relaxing moment by the lake or meadow, this National Park will adorn your day with beauty and serenity.

Additional Tip: An Olympic National Park wedding permit is required if you plan to elope at this place. Contact the park ranger for a special use permit. 

Smith Rock State Park

Known as Bend, is Oregon’s most popular elopement wedding location.This mini version of Zion National Park definitely has some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes. You can enjoy their numerous campsites, rock climbing areas, and various trails to hike after your elopement ceremony. 

Additional Tip: Some of the epic hikes to consider are Smith Rock Canyon Trail, Crooked River Trial, Wolf Tree Trail, and Misery Ridge Trail. 

Oregon Coast

We generally recommend this location when it comes to eloping in the Pacific Northwest since it has many potential spots for you to have a fun elopement. It boasts waterfalls on beaches, abrasion coast, long rock adorned beaches, sand dunes, and forests. You may want to consider having your union at Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park, Cape Kiwanda, Natural Bridges, or Pacific Beach for that picturesque view.

Additional Tip: The best months to tie the knot here are September and October when the weather is still pleasant yet the crowds are fewer.

Mount Rainier

There is a reason why this iconic volcano is considered a paradise for a Pacific Northwest elopement. It has such gorgeous mountaintop views and trails you would want to explore, as they may be covered with colorful wildflowers during spring and summer. Have an amazing experience hiking the Naches Peak Loop, Sourdough Ridge, Tolmie Peaks, or Fremont Lookout.

Additional Tip: Mt. Rainier has no designated ceremony spot, giving you the freedom to choose exactly where you want to elope.

North Cascades

It’s unbelievable that this park is one of the least visited ones in the U.S. With its striking alpine lakes and mountain peaks, it can effortlessly provide the perfect ambiance for your elopement. Nonetheless, the good side of this one is that you get to have a sense of exclusivity if you decide to have an intimate ceremony here. Say your “I do’s” in Mount Bake, Ross Lake, Artist Point, or Mt. Shuksan to make it even more remarkable.

Additional Tip: If you want to have a fun elopement free from muddy half-melted snow on your special day, research the North Cascade National Park weather patterns.

Crater Lake

The scenery of this lake gives a serene atmosphere to your union. The Crater Lake is a volcano filled with water, making it a unique backdrop for your ceremony. In addition to that, the abundance of hikes and viewpoints all around the lake will make a tremendous post-elopement activity you can enjoy as a married couple.

Additional Tip: The sunset around this area is such a gem. Take the time to enjoy it as you drive around the crater.

Mount Hood

This location won’t require you to be a hiker or a mountaineer before you get to enjoy its view. With its varying levels of accessibility, you can have your elopement planned in a way that you will feel completely comfortable. From Lolo Pass, Silicon Hut, Trillium Lake, to Tamanawas Falls, you have a lot of alternatives if you’re not an adrenaline admirer. 

Additional Tip: Don’t miss out on using the classic Pacific Northwest moody skies and moss-covered trees as a dramatic background for your portraits.

Columbia River Gorge

Well-known as one of the 7 Wonders of the Pacific Northwest, this designated largest national scenic area in America is one of the favorite spots for eloping. You won’t need to invest more time looking for the perfect spot as the entirety of this place is worthy enough to be your elopement location. Each element makes it an ideal elopement spot – the enchanting trails, trees, river, and falls are just some of the many. We suggest eloping in these epic areas: Wahclella Falls, Latourell Falls, Dry Creek Falls, and Horsetails Falls.

Additional Tip: You don’t have to drive far to enjoy such a fantastic view as the river runs right through Portland.

Be Adventurous and Do Something Incredibly Unique

Be bold enough to do something spectacular and have it filmed to commemorate such a moment. It can be as adventurous as having a wildlife safari Pacific Northwest elopement or something more simple like watching the sunset together and camping under a star-filled sky. What about hot air balloon rides? Or maybe kayaking together?

If you are lovers of excitement, you can try sky diving or paragliding, or even zipline. Sailing also makes a romantic activity that is incredibly fun. If you are passionate about the winter periods, then there are a plethora of activities to complete your fun elopement, such as snowmobiles or skiing.

To celebrate more intimately, you can set a picnic by yourself at your elopement location and savor your love. After that, you can opt for some glamping, or stay at some unique Pacific Northwest Airbnb like a treehouse, houseboat, or even a private island.

Have an Interesting Elopement Video Shoot

Your Pacific Northwest elopement deserves to be filmed most genuinely, but adding some fun will make it even more enjoyable for you and to anyone you’ll show it to. Although we don’t recommend anything dangerous, we propose pushing yourself a little bit out of the box for an epic video shoot! You may look at our website for some wedding inspiration.

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