Wedding Floristry Trends for 2022 & 2023

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One thing we can say for sure about this year’s weddings is that planning has become more deliberate than it has ever been. The same sentiment can be applied to selecting bridal flowers. Flowers, like so many other industries, were severely impacted by the arrival of the pandemic in 2020. As the demand for flowers decreased due to wedding cancellations and postponements, farmers devised changes to ensure that their crops weren’t wasted and thrown away. As a result, 2022 should continue to be a pivotal year, as the shortages may continue it may be more challenging than ever to have your favorite flower. 

To help you navigate through the shortage of wedding flowers, it’s important to work closely with a florist, because they’ll know exactly which blooms are in season, which ones are more expensive, and which ones match best with your wedding venue. 

In 2022, couples are becoming even more daring and creative, abandoning tradition in favor of more innovative wedding ideas. Couples are looking for the wow factor. They want their wedding guests to walk into the venue and immediately be amazed and blown away.

And of course, everyone wants their wedding photos to go viral and one sure-fire way to achieve that is by having wedding florals that amaze everyone. 

The Hottest Wedding Flower Trends for 2022

Floral Arches & Walls

The days of tying the knot in front of a modest floral arch are long gone. Couples are becoming increasingly creative with their wedding ceremonies backdrops than ever before. We love seeing couples incorporate fresh ceremony arches and designs into their big day. Couples are now opting for custom-built steel structures, which allow flower designers to construct their bouquets in modern and creative ways, resulting in Insta-worthy backdrops. 

Think of geometric steel structures that allow florists to interweave greenery and flowers creating a magical backdrop for the ceremony. And another great idea is to repurpose it to add an incredible statement piece for your reception. Could even be a designated area for photos. 


Grand Entrances

Why not go all out and make an even larger entrance? Modern weddings are all about creating experiences and what could be better than a grand aisle to walk down to the altar? Combining tall and low flowers with a sea of candles at the aisle entrance creates a magical oasis for the bride to walk through.  It’s not only lovely, but it also makes for wonderful photography. We enjoy giving the bride the impression that she is about to enter the magical setting she has imagined.

Image Source:  Dreamskraft, Mumbai

Neutral and Dried Flowers

Neutral and Dried Flowers are also something to watch out for. They are effective in adding texture to the bridal table. They give a neutral color palette and are so simple and effective. The famous British designer, Vivienne Westwood, is a major designer of dried flowers and has incorporated them into her floral designs. A major advantage neutral and dried flowers have over others is that they can stand the test of time and last even longer than expected.

Image Source: Vintage Bash

Bright & Bold

While pastel colors will always be popular, this year’s brides desire blossoms that are more vibrant and vivid. During the pandemic, brides have been confined to their homes, giving them plenty of opportunities to peruse social media for ideas from weddings all around the world that are vibrant and colorful. Weddings in 2022 will have more color than ever before, ranging from citrus to mellow fall hues.

We believe couples are ready to abandon gentler, typical color schemes in favor of allowing their designers to create something truly unique. As a designer, this excites me greatly since it helps us to create more unique designs because there is so much more we can do with a larger color palette.

2022 is guaranteed to be a truly exciting year in wedding florals, as established flower trends still are mainstream, and new ideas start to bloom and burst in popularity. So, whether you’re a classic couple looking for timeless wedding florals, or an adventurous couple looking for blooms with the WOW factor, there are definitely jaw-dropping options in the Wedding Flower Trends for 2022 for everyone!

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